Dumpster Rental

Dumpsters are approximately the size of a large pickup truck!

Closest available size will be delivered | 30-day maximum rental

First 1,000 pounds are free!  Then $0.15 per pound

Pricing List

Dumpster Rental Fee
Additional Fees
Overweight Charge
Frozen Loads
Reposition Fee
Relocation Fee
Dry Run Fee*

Rental Period: 14-day rental period.  After 14 days, there will be an additional fee of $10 per day. A half ton (1,000 lbs.) is included in the price. Dumpsters must be dumped every 30 days. Long-term leases available for commercial accounts. Please provide at least 3 business days notice for removals. Priority removals or same day service will have an additional $85 fee. Deliveries and removals are done Monday through Friday. Weekend removals or deliveries need prior approval.
Please e-mail info@rerdumpster.com or call
(855) 737-3867 for more information. DO NOT OVERFILL THE DUMPSTER over the top of the sides. DO NOT DRAG THE DUMPSTER around the job site. Call RER Dumpster for re-positioning.
*The Dry Run fee is applied when the driver is unable to deliver or pick up a dumpster through no fault of his own.

Small Dumpster Special Pricing
12 YD Dumpster Only
MSW - Municipal Waste Only

Rental Period: 2-day rental period. After 2 days, there will be an additional fee of $50 per day. This is to be used for HOUSEHOLD CLEANOUTS ONLY.

1.5 tons (3,000 lbs.) are included in the price. Anything over 1.5 tons will be billed at $0.15/pound.

Small Trailer Special Pricing
6 YD Trailer Only
MSW - Municipal Waste Only
8 YD Trailer Only
MSW - Municipal Waste Only

Rental Period: 2-day rental period. After 2 days, there will be an additional fee of $50 per day. This is to be used for HOUSEHOLD CLEANOUTS ONLY.
One ton is included in the price. Anything over one ton will be billed at $0.15/pound.

Massachusetts Waste Bans and Additional Fee Items

The following fees will apply to any items on the Mass Waste Ban list.  

Prices are subject to change.

$350 per item
Sofa, Loveseat, Chair, Etc.
$200 each
Air Conditioner
$80 each
Car Battery
$80 each
Gas Can or Propane Tank (empty)
$200 each
Television or Computer Monitor (CRT - Older Only)*
$80 each
$150 each
Car Tire
$80 each
Tractor/Truck Tire
$325 each
Extraordinary Item (Boat, Hot Tub, Pool Liner, Piano, Trailer, etc.)
$500 Minimum

Please check back frequently as fees are subject to change. Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of the recycling centers. They set the prices and determine if something is extraordinary enough to add a fee to. We do our best to break down the items to make it clear to all if there will be an additional charge, but there are times when even we are not aware they are going to charge us for items. We apologize for not being able to list every item that is classified as “banned”, as we are not the ones who determine that.

Some towns will pick-up mattresses, bulk items, and appliances at no charge. Please contact your local town office for procedures. *There is no additional fee for newer flat screen televisions or monitors. Please read the Terms and Conditions before ordering.

Special Waste

These items are not permitted in dumpsters. Please contact your local town office for Special Waste procedures.

Burn Loads

We will not accept ANY burn loads.

Non-Recyclable Materials

Including, but not limited to the following: Ceiling tile, office partition, painted concrete, and rubber roofing.


Anything containing creosote such as railroad ties and telephone poles.


The maximum size allowed is 2 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft.

Organic Materials (Yard Waste)

Must be limited to less than 1/4 of total dumpster content.

Hazardous Waste

Asbestos, medical waste, fluorescent bulbs, light ballasts, closed containers, or any liquid waste (such as paint, oil, solvents, mercury of any kind, flammables, and refrigerants). If any hazardous or special waste is found in the container, the container will be quarantined until such time as the container is made legal for disposal. In this case, there will be an additional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

We prefer to receive our dumpsters back within 14 days, but if it is needed for a longer period of time, we expect it to be dumped at least once every 30 days to prevent damage to the dumpsters.

How big are the dumpsters?

Dumpsters are approximately the length of a large pickup truck.  All of the dumpsters are 8 feet wide and vary in length from 16 feet to 18 feet. The volume in yards is calculated including the height of the sides of the dumpster. A 30 yard dumpster could have sides up to 6 feet high.

What are your dumpster charges?

We have an initial flat rental fee that covers the delivery, use, and removal of the dumpster itself. When we pick up the dumpster, we bring it to the dump where it is weighed. We dump the waste and the truck gets weighed empty. The difference is the weight of the waste. We do not round up to the next ton. We charge by the pound precisely versus most companies that charge for the next ton at the full amount.  You will see a second additional charge for any excess weight above 1,000 pounds, as well as any items listed on the MA Waste Ban/Special Waste lists.

How do I place an order?

First, make sure you are in our delivery area (listed on the home page). Then you can click on any "Get Started" button above.  This will take you to TrashLab where you can input your information.

Should I call for a dumpster removal or is it automatic?

You MUST notify us when you are ready for your dumpster to be removed.  You can go through our website or call (855) 737-3867 or emaischedule removal.  Please allow up to three business days for the removal of your dumpster.

How do I dispose of couches, mattresses, televisions, and electronics?

Many of these items are on the MA Waste Ban list above and require additional fees.  To avoid these fees, it is best to call your local office as most towns/cities have curbside pickup for these items.

What are the best uses for roll-off dumpsters?

The best uses for our roll-off dumpsters include home cleanups, as well as demolition and construction projects.

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