About RER Dumpster Rental

RER Dumpster rental is a family-owned and operated business established an founded in 2011 by David Rossi. RER Dumpster rental is one in a line of three RER businesses (RER Fuel, RER Dumpster rental, and 855YOUBAGIT) that provide home heating, air-conditioning, oil delivery and dumpster rental to most of Middlesex County Massachusetts.


RER fuel was the first business founded in 1977 in Bedford Massachusetts with just a truck in a telephone. When Dave told his father that he was planning to start an oil delivery business, his father told him he was crazy. Well, with a bit of crazy, and a lot of hard work, Dave turned RER fuel into a thriving business that has been serving the communities of Middlesex County high quality services for many years.


Today, the RER families of businesses are run by Dave and his son Jeff. Jeff is responsible for running the day-to-day of RER fuel, where Dave continues to build and manage RER Dumpster rental and 855YOUBAGIT. They have a fully stocked facility in Billerica Massachusetts where they run operations. They had a long time administrative assistant, Joanne who answers the phone in runs the day-to-day operations of the facility.


The RER brand is one of pride and professionalism. All vehicles and equipment receive the utmost care. You can expect a well-maintained dumpster to show up when you Rent from RER Dumpster rental. Dave and the staff at RER understand that you can only surviving business these days by building good customer relationships from the ground up.


Dave Rossi is a driven, hard-working businessman and entrepreneur, who works continuously on many projects. Dave maintains his Oil Burner License. Dave’s expertise definitely shows everything he touches.

So, if you are looking for a business that treats you and your property like their own, call RER Dumpster rental today, where you are guaranteed the highest level of professionalism and the finest, well maintained equipment all at a fair price.

The Rossi’s Thank You.

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