Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions frequently asked by our customer. Click on the item to see the answers.

NOTE: You may find answers to your questions in our “Term & Conditions”, for Dumpsters and Dumpster Bags, on their respective pages.

  • How long can I keep the Dumpster?

    We like to have the Dumpster back within 10 days, but if it is needed for a longer period of time, we expected it to be dumped at least once every 30 days.

  • How big are the Dumpsters?

    All of the Dumpsters are 8 feet wide and vary in length from 15 ft to 18 ft. The volume is made up with higher sides. A larger dumpster could have walls up to 6 foot high.

  • What are your Dumpster Charges?

    We have a flat rental fee of $345 that covers the first two thousand pounds of waste. After the first two thousand pounds, we charge $0.075 per pound for the overage. When we pick up the dumpster, we bring it to the dump where it is weighted. We dump the waste and the truck gets weighed empty. The difference is the weight of the waste. We do not round up to the next ton. We charge by the pound, so if you go over by only a hundred pounds, you only have a $7.50 versus most companies that charge for the next ton at the full amount.

  • How and when do I pay for my Dumpster?

    When you reserve your dumpster, you will be required to provide your credit card information. Initial $345 will be charged. If you have additional charges, they will be added after the dumpster is pick up, weighed and dumped.

  • What does my payment include?

    Dumpster Delivery and Pickup, including the first 2000 pounds ( 1 Ton) of debris.

  • How do I place an order?

    First, call 855-737-3867 first to make sure you are in our delivery area.  Then you will need to place your order on this website for a Roll-off Dumpster or Dumpster Bag.

  • How far in advance do I need to order a Dumpster?

    We have various size Dumpsters. We recommend ordering as early as possible, to secure the size you need.

  • Will I receive an order confirmation notice?

    Yes. You will receive an email confirmation, once you order has processed.

  • What if I need to keep the Dumpster longer?

    We generally like the dumpster back within 10 days. If you know that you will need the Dumpster longer, let us know during your initial call. We have longer rental terms. Under these terms, the Dumpster must dumped at least every 30 days. Failure to do so will results in extra fees.

  • What is the average Dumpster availability?

    Subject to availability, we can deliver it to you within 24 hours.

  • What if I need to change or cancel my Dumpster?

    Call us as soon as possible and we cancel your order.

  • How do I dispose of Couches, Mattresses, TVs and Electronics?

    Most cities/towns have curbside pickup. It is best to call your city/town for their policy. Many cities/towns do “Special Request” pick-ups weekly or bi-weekly for little to no charge.

  • What is ``Special Waste``?

    Special Waste consist of railroad ties, ceiling insulation, ceiling tiles, pressure treated wood, and telephone poles. Some of these items have little to no weight or are impregnated with chemicals that cannot be recycled. Also, yard waste is considered organic matter and most cities/towns do not accept it. If you have anything that you’re concerned about, please call us. We are always happy to explain the disposal policies and help you avoid any special waste charges if possible.

  • What happens if my dumpster weighs more than the allowable tonnage?

    There is a ten ton weight limit on the Dumpsters, If you are unsure if you have exceeded the weight limit, please call us and we will determine if the dumpster might be overloaded, by what you are filling it with.

  • Is there any material that I CANNOT put in the dumpster?

    See our terms and condition page for restrictions or items that would have additional charges.

  • Will my Dumpster have weight limit?

    There is no Dump[ster weight limit. We have an initial rate of $345, which includes the first 2000 pounds (1 ton), and we charge $0.075 per pound after that first ton. * see terms and conditions.

  • What are the best uses for Roll-off Dumpsters?

    The best uses for our Roll-off Dumpsters  are Home Clean ups, Demolition and Construction Projects. Note: The city landfill does not accept organic debris (Trees, Branches and stumps). Do not put this material in the Dumpster.

  • Should I lay down plywood for the Dumpster to sit on?

    It’s your choice, but not necessary to put plywood under the Dumpster.

  • How much space is needed for the Dumpster?

    Our dumpsters are 8 foot wide and range from 15-18 feet long.

  • Should I be home for delivery/pickup?

    It’s not necessary to be home. There is a section on the order form that allows you to let the driver know where you want it placed. Please make sure there are NO low hanging power lines or tree branches in the location.

  • How high can I fill my Dumpster?

    Do not fill the Dumpster above the side walls.

  • Do I need a permit for the Dumpster?

    Please check your town’s ordinance. Each town’s regulations may vary.

  • Can a Dumpster damage my driveway?

    We take every precautions to prevent damage, but we can not make guarantees. All driveways are different, and you determine the location.

  • Can a Dumpster sit on an incline?

    It is best to position the Dumpster flat, but a slight incline is okay.

  • Does the Dumpster have a door?

    Yes. The entire rear wall is on a hinge that opens for easy loading.

  • Should I call for a Dumpster pickup/removal or is it automatic?

    You MUST call for pick up.

  • Can I have a Dumpster delivered to a different location than my billing address?

    Yes. When you fill out the order form, the first address you fill in is the “Delivery Location”. The second page will be the billing information. Please call us if you need any further help.

  • Is it customary to tip the driver?

    Tipping is not required, but appreciated.

  • Do you work on weekends?

    We do our utmost to accommodate the customer and will deliver on weekends if needed.

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