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We sell our Dumpster Bags to our Massachusetts neighbors in Middlesex County with FREE DELIVERY.

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1. Review our Terms and Conditions

2. Read our Unacceptable Massachusetts Waste Ban and Additional Overage Items

3. Complete the order form and pay via cc (any overages or unacceptable items will be added after pickup)

Bag Pickup Requirements Terms & Conditions

  • Proper Placement is critical
  • Bags must be placed no more than one car length (16 ft) from the street and on your property at least five feet away from any structure or vehicle
  • Bags must have 20 feet overhead clearance (absolutly no overhead wires, power lines, trees, or other overhead structures ) to load the bag into the truck so that we can access it with our crane.
  • Find the best possible place for your Dumpster Bag before filling it. Find a spot that is convenient for your use and one that will insure ease of removal.
  • Customer assumes all responsibility for damages to their driveway and lawn/yard if the truck has to drive onto it.
  • Do not over load bag, lifting straps must meet at top. Overloaded bags are charged an $80 fee & may not be able to be picked up.
  • Long items need to be either cut or broken down to fit in the Dumpster Bag. Long items may be left behind & if they cannot be removed, the entire Dumpster Bag may be left behind and there will be a $60 trucking fee.
  • Some bags are single use and some can be reused, we will do our best to return reusable bags if possible. We pick-up all Dumpster Bags. 855YOUBAGIT Bags are $148.95 per pickup, all others are $158.95.
  • Placing the Dumpster Bag on your lawn may cause the grass to die.
  • Under very wet conditions, such as with heavy rain or snow melt, driveways may become weak and could fracture from the weight of our Truck.
  • Terms may change, and charges may change- call “855-968-2244 (855YOUBAGIT)” with any questions before pickup.
  • Any extra charges will be placed on your credit card after pick up, to help eliminate these charges please call “855-968-2244 (855YOUBAGIT)” and we will work with you before we come out to pick up your bag.
  • Please be ready for your pick-up once you have placed your pick-up order. The pickup truck can arrive any time after your order is placed. This could be any time between 15 minutes and five business days.
  • Delays – Please do not cause the pick-up driver delays. Prior to placing your pick-up order, ensure that there is complete accessibility to the dumpster bag (e.g. No cars parked in front of it, etc…) There will be a $20 charge for any delays that cause the driver to wait more than 10 minutes.

Massachusetts Waste Ban and Additional Overage Items

The Massachusetts D.E.P has banned the following items from all landfills. If any of these waste ban items are placed in a dumpster the following per item handling charges apply from all Transfer & Recycling operations in the state of Massachusetts. Please check back frequently as fess are subject to change.

Air Conditioner $75 each
Car Batteries $20 each
Mattress/Box Spring $60 each
Television, Computer Monitors $60 per CRT
Propane Tank/Cylinder (empty) $30 each
Refrigerator/Freezer $75 each
Car Tire $30 each
Tractor/Truck Tire $200 each
White Goods with Freon $75 each
Bulky Item (sofa, large furniture etc.) $75 each
Extraordinary Item (boat, hot tub, etc.) Call for pricing
Hazardous waste mercury, florescent bulbs, combustibles, closed containers, gas cans, air conditioners, anything with refrigerant, liquid paint $75 each

Hazardous Waste

  • mercury
  • florescent bulbs
  • combustibles
  • closed containers
  • gas cans
  • air conditioners
  • anything with refrigerant
  • liquids – paint, Oil, Fuel
  • Chemicals
  • Medical Waste
  • Toxic or Hazardous Waste

$75/item OR Refusal to pick up

If possible banned items will be off loaded and left behindTrucking Fee
Dumpster bags that don’t meet pickup requirements may incur a non-refundable trucking fee and may not be removed.$60


*Please note any items on the unacceptable list may be cause to refuse pickup or for additional charges.


Construction Debris:  Sheetrock, Bathtubs, Cabinets, Carpet, Doors, Drywall, Insulation, Flooring, Packaging materials, Paneling, Plaster, Plywood, Roofing, Screens, Siding, Sinks, Tile, Toilets, Trim Materials, Windows.

Yard Waste:  Brush, Shrubs, Tree Clippings, Leaves, Mulch. * The Dumpster Bag cannot be filled any more than 25% or 12 inches with this type of material.

Household Items: Trash, Broken Toys, Bikes, Rugs, Carpets, Lawn Furniture, Old Luggage, Wooden or Metal Furniture, Sporting Equipment, Washing Machines, Dryers, Dishwashers, Ovens, Stoves, Microwaves.

Heavy Debris:  Asphalt, Brick, Concrete, Dirt, Sand, Rock, Sod, Roofing/Shingles. * The Dumpster Bag cannot be filled any more than 25% or 12 inches with this type of material

*Additional Charges may apply for any overages.

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